Drain Spiral

The white spiral drain has radial-silicon silicon with four solar channels along the center core. Drainage components include a silicon helix channel section and a long silicon tube. The spiral drain feature helps to spin or obstruct due to tensile or abnormal posture when drained in curved areas, such as breast surgery and neurosurgery.
The spiral shape throughout the product allows the full discharge to occur during the position of the wound. When the spiral drain is placed in the wound, due to the spiral profile, the overall capillary drainage is guaranteed, due to its spiral design. When looking at the connection between the spiral profile and the translucent long tube, the seamless and seamless transition area is the spiral drain for many of the following: plastic and cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction, mastectomy, abdominoplasty, heart surgery, and Arteries, Orthopedic Surgery v.
Essential Product Information:

– 30 cm long silicone spiral white profile
– Improved fluid outlet geometry, with spiral profile to maintain continuous capillary effect
Minimize the likelihood of clotting with the same separate paths
– Four solar ducts that increase the level of contact at the wound position to create more drainage than ordinary drill ducts.
– Depending on the spiral characteristic, the material releases the secreted material so that it does not damage the healthy tissues surrounded by secretions.
– Less discomfort during the patient’s movement and deep breathing exercises