Dragon Jackson Flint Flight
The Dracon Jackson Flat (Felt) is made of elastomericline for softness and flexibility with flat shape features. The duct gears help prevent falling and blocking the duct. The pores on the duct wall allow the drainage of the atherosclerosis to occur along with the air outflow.

Flat beds for neurosurgery, plastic surgery, facial and neck surgery, cosmetic surgery and obstetrics and gynecology are shown:
Completely transparent, biocompatibility, medical grade silicone

– 3/4 of the length of the path with vents, in the flat part with a length of 20 cm

110 cm long silicone tube with w-ray line in the flat part

– A completely united link point between the flat part and the transfer tube, which reduces the patient’s discomfort when draining out.

– The needle is connected to the conduit for easy operation